The Leicester (canal) Section in England.

Features and Photos of the Leicester Canal Section - bridges and locks from the end/start of the canal at Norton Junction to Watford Staircase Locks.

The section of the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Main Line between Norton Junction and Foxton was opened in 1814 by the Grand Junction Canal Company in order to provide a link from Leicester to the Grand Union Canal at Norton Junction. This southern end of the Leicester Canal Section Main Line was constructed as a narrow canal and travels through really lovely English countryside - the towpath is in reasonable condition for both cycling and walking at least as far as the small flight of Locks at Watford.
Incidentally the Watford Lock Flight is particularly interesting from a "canal" point of view since they are constructed as Staircase Locks (see further below).
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Leicester Canal on it's way north from Norton Junction
Start of the canal - Norton Junction
Leicester Canal Section - footbridge 1
Foot bridge1)
footbridge no.1, Leicester Canal, England.
Footbridge no.1
rusty old canal barges - Leicester Canal, England.
Canal barges
Leicester Canal Bridge 2
Bridge no.2
Bridge 2, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge no.2
Balls Bridge 3 crossing The Leicester Canal.
Balls Bridge 3
Bridge 3 - Balls Bridge, Leicester Canal in England.
Balls Bridge 3
Leicester Canal Marina entrance near Bridge 3
Marina entrance near Balls Bridge
A narrowbridge under the Leicester Canal
A tunnel under the canal
Leicester Canal Section and possible site of missing bridge 4
Bridge 4
was once here?
Watling Street Bridge 5 over The Leicester Canal, England.
Watling Street Bridge 5
Watling Street Bridge 5
Watling Street Bridge
Bridge 5a, Leicester Canal, England.
Railway Bridge 5a
Leicester Canal railway bridge 5a
Bridge 5a
Welton Station Bridge 6, Leicester Canal, England.
Welton Station Bridge 6
Leicester Canal Section being crossed by Welton Station Bridge 6
Bridge 6
A canal sluice on The Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Bottom Lock 1 at Watford Lock Flight, Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Lock 1
The Leicester Canal at Watford - Bottom Lock 1 - Watford Locks
Watford Bottom Lock 1
Watford Lock 1 - Watford Locks, Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Bottom Lock 1
Leicester canal syphon at Watford Locks in England.
Watford Lock2
footbridge crossing Lock 2, Leicester Canal, England.
Foot bridge
Watford Lock 2 - The Leicester Canal, England.
Lock 2

Watford Staircase (or riser) Locks on the Leicester Section of The Grand Union Canal.

The area around Watford Locks is quite a "transport" junction - the noisy M1 motorway is very close by as are main railway lines and the old Roman Road (Watling Street/A5) - all in contrast to the beautiful set of seven locks four of which are staircase locks. Staircase canal locks are where on adjacent locks the middle lockgate connects the top and bottom locks together i.e. only one narrowboat can go through the "two" locks at a time. These single width locks take the canal up or down a total height of 52.5 feet - for narrowboats and barges it is necessary to wait for the lock-keeper to give you permission to proceed if you wish to transit the two sets of staircase locks as he will take you through them.
Watford Staircase Lock 3, Leicester Canal, England.
staircase Lock 3
Leicester Canal and Watford Lock 3
Watford Lock 3
Watford Locks  Staircase Lock 4, Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Lock 4
Leicester Canal Section at Watford Locks - Staircase Lock 4
Watford Lock 4
Watford Staircase Lock 5, Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Lock 5
Leicester Canal Section and Watford Locks - Staircase Lock 5
Watford Lock 5
Canal Lock Gates at staircase lock 6, The Leicester Canal in England.
Watford Lock 6
Watford Locks and Staircase Lock 6
Watford Lock 6
Watford Lock Flight  - Staircase Lock 6, Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Lock 6
Watford Top Lock 7 on The Leicester Canal in England.
Watford Top Lock 7
Watford Lock no 7, Leicester Canal, England.
Watford Lock 7
Lock Keepers Cottage and Lock 7 at The Watford Lock Flight
Watford Lock Cottage
M1 Roadbridge no.6h, Leicester Canal, England.
M1 bridge 6h
Leicester Canal Section - M1 Roadbridge no.6h
Bridge 6h
Leicester Canal and Ashby Bridge 7
Ashby Bridge 7
Ashby Bridge crosses The Leicester Canal, England.
Ashby Bridge 7
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