The Leicester Canal - Mountain Barn Bridge to North Kilworth Wharf.

Some of the canal sluices on the Leicester Section have particularly interesting brickwork - this sluice / syphon shown below is located just past Bridge 27 and has a fair amount of excellent brickwork associated with it on both sides of the canal. Sluices are a very important part of canal engineering - allowing excess water to flow off and keep the canal's level at it's optimum. Also the canal's locks block off the water flow and these sluices are the means of keeping water available downstream and of course to stop flooding upstream.
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Leicester Canal being crossed by Mountain Barn Bridge
Mountain Barn Bridge no:27
Mountain Barn Bridge no:27, Leicester Canal, England.
Mountain Barn Bridge 27
Canal Sluice brickwork on The Leicester Canal
Leicester Canal sluice
Canal Sluice
Leicester Section - canal sluice
Leicester Canal Syphon
Elkington Bridge no:28 goes over The Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 28
Leicester Canal and Elkington Bridge 28
Bridge 28 -
Elkington Bridge
Heygate's Lodge Bridge crosses The Leicester Canal
Heygate Lodge Bridge 29
Bridge 29 - Heygate's Lodge, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 29
a14 roadbridge - 29a, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 29a
The a14 crosses the Leicester Canal in England.
a14 Bridge
Leicester Section and Canal Bridge 30
Bridge 30
Canal Bridge no:30, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 30
An untidy Leicester Canal sluice
Canal sluice
The Leicester Canal Section being crossed by Stockley Bridge 31
Stockley Bridge 31
Stockley Road Bridge going over The Leicester Canal, England.
Stockley Bridge 31
Canal Bridge 32, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 32
Leicester Section and Canal Bridge 32
Bridge 32
Canal Bridge 33 crossing The Leicester Canal in England.
Bridge 33
Leicester Canal, England - Bridge 33
Bridge 33
Leicester Section - Canal Bridge 34
Bridge 34
Canal Bridge 34 crosses over The Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 34
Leicester Section - Site sadly of another Missing Bridge - Bridge 35
ex Bridge 35
The Leicester Canal Section and Downtown Bridge 36
Downtown Bridge 36
Downtown Bridge no36 over The Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 36
Bridge 37, The Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 37
Leicester Canal Bridge 37
Bridge 37
Symbolds Spinney Bridge 38 over The Leicester Canal.
Symbolds Spinney Bridge 38

The Leicester Section's bridges brickwork side-edges were protected from towrope rubbing wear by using iron strips - there is an example of these on Symbolds Spinney Bridge 38 - photo below.
Also futher below there are photos of Welford Junction - there is a very nice little canal branch which goes off from here to Welford - it is possible to make a circular'ish walk using the Welford Canal Arm and bits of the Leicester Section towpaths - please see our Welford Canal Arm Walks and Photos topic.

Iron strip guarding bridge brickwork from towropes, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 38 - protective strip
Symbolds Spinney Bridge, Leicester Canal in England.
Bridge 38
Leicester Section - Canal Bridge 39
Bridge 39
Canal Bridge 39 over The Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 39
Leicester Section - Canal Bridge 40
Bridge 40
Mill Bridge 40 over the Leicester Canal
Canal Bridge 40
Nice sluice with Leicester Canal Bridge 41 behind it.
Bridge 41
Leicester Canal Section being crossed by Sparford Bridge 41
Spaford Bridge41
Sparford Bridge (41) and The Leicester Canal in England.
Spaford Bridge
Leicester Canal duck, Leicester Canal, England.
Hungry ducks
Leicester Section - The aqueduct at Welford Canal Arm Junction
aqueduct Welford Junction
River Avon's route under the Leicester Canal aqueduct in England.
The River Avon
Welford Canal Arm and The Leicester Canal at Welford Junction
Welford Junction
Junction where the Welford Arm leaves the Leicester Canal in England.
Welford Junction
Leicester Section - Bridge 42 at Welford Junction
Bridge 42
Welford Junction Canal bridge - 42, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 42
Leicester Section and Canal Bridge 43
Bridge 43
Canal Bridge 43 over The Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 43
Remains of missing bridge no.44, Leicester Canal, England.
ex Bridge 44?
North Kilworth Wharf and filling station, Leicester Canal in England.
North Kilworth Wharf
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