The Leicester Canal at Foxton Lock Flight.

Starting just after Gumley Bridge no60 The Leicester Canal descends from Foxton Toplock down through the beautiful series of Foxton's Staircase Locks - passing the original site of Foxton's Inclined Plane. Once at the bottom of the lock flight (where there are a couple of Pubs) there is a Canal Junction with the fairly short Market Harborough Arm, then the Leicester Canal gets back into beautiful countryside.
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Gumley Road Bridge 60 crosses The Leicester Canal
Bridge 60
Gumley Road Bridge 60, Leicester Canal, England.
Gumley Roadbridge
Leicester Section, The short arm leading to the inclined plane area at Foxton
Short sidearm
Foxton Top Lock 8 on The Leicester Canal, England.
Foxton Top Lock8

From the towpath at Gumley Road Bridge if you cross the bridge using it's footbridge then only a few 100 metres along there is a quite large car park available where there are public toilets, picnic tables etc and usually an ice-cream van. From Gumley Road Bridge going towards Foxton's Toplock there is a choice of towpath - cross over to wander along one side of the canal soon passing a stoplock which controlled the water to the original inclined plane - if you go this way there is a path and bridge which will take you back to just below Foxton Top Lock. If however from Gumley road bridge 60 you just go ahead on the towpath you soon reach Foxton Toplock - where there is also a cafe available. Please also take a look at our Foxton Locks and Inclined Plane topic.

Lock 9 at Foxton Locks, Leicester Canal, England.
Foxton Lock 9
Foxton Lock 10, Leicester Canal, England.
Foxton Lock 10
Foxton Lock Flight
Foxton Locks
view of the Flight
Foxton Lock Bridges over each of the locks, Leicester Canal, England.
Foot bridge
Foxton Staircase Lock 10 on The Leicester Canal in England.
Foxton Lock no:10
Foxton Lock 11, Leicester Canal, England.
Foxton Lock 11
A Lock and bridge at Foxton - Leicester Canal Section.
Lock Gates
Foxton Lock-12, Leicester Canal, England.
Foxton Lock 12
Passing pound at Foxton Locks, Leicester Canal, England.
Passing Pound
Lock no13 at Foxton Lock Flight, Leicester Canal in England.
Foxton Lock 13
Foxton Staircase Lock-14 - Leicester Canal Section in England.
Foxton Lock 14
Foxton Lock 15 and The Leicester Canal.
Foxton Lock 15
Lock-16 - Leicester Canal Section of The Grand Union Canal in England.
Foxton Lock 16
Leicester Canal Bridge 61 at Foxton Locks in England.
Bridge no:61
Foxton Bottom Lock 17 - Leicester Canal, England.
Foxton Bottom Lock 17
Foxton Locks Bridge 61, Leicester Canal, England.
Bridge 61
Foxton Bottom Lock lockgates, Leicester Canal, England.
Bottom Lock
Market Harborough Arm and Leicester Canal Junction at Foxton, England.
Jnct with Market Harborough Arm
Rainbow Bridge 62 at Foxton Locks, Leicester Canal, England.
Rainbow Bridge 62
Leicester Canal and Rainbow Bridge 62
Rainbow Bridge 62

The Leicester Canal Section and some Turnover Bridges.

One of the first features to see on this part of the Leicester Canal Section is Rainbow Bridge 62 which is a turnover bridge. When the canal towpath had to change sides because of for instance embankments or private land ownership these bridges with their gradual inclines allowed the barge horses to easily cross over.
Once through Foxton Locks and the Market Harborough Canal Arm Junction the Leicester canal again enters really beautiful and - at least until it nears the City of Leicester - quite remote countryside.
Footbridge 63 over The Leicester Canal Section
Footbridge 63
Leicester Canal - Footbridge 63
Footbridge 63
Pat's Bridge 64 at Foxton, Leicester Canal, England.
Pat's Bridge 64
Foxton Locks and Pat's Bridge.
Pat's Bridge 64
Debdale Wharf Bridge 65, Leicester Canal, England.
Debdale Wharf Bridge 65
Leicester Canal at Foxton - Debdale Wharf Bridge 65
Debdale Wharf Bridge
Debdale Wharf, Leicester Canal, England.
Debdale Wharf
Site of missing Leicester Canal Bridge 66
Missing bridge 66
Binley's Bridge 67 crosses The Leicester Canal
Binley's Bridge 67
Binley's Bridge 67
Binley's Bridge 67
Bridge no:68 - Leicester Canal
Canal Bridge 68
Leicester Canal Bridge 68
Bridge 68
Leicester Section being crossed by Gumley Bridge 69
Gumley Bridge 69
Gumley Bridge no:69 over The Leicester Canal, England.
Gumley Bridge 69
Long Hill Bridge 70 crosses the Leicester Canal Section.
Long Hill bridge 70
Long Hill bridge no:70, Leicester Canal, England.
Long Hill Bridge 70
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