The Leicester Canal Section - Aylestone into Leicester.

This part of our Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal topic follows the canal via lovely countryside right into the heart of Leicester City - with some interesting canal lock, weirs and excellently bricked canal bridges to look at on the way. The towpath is fine for both walking and cycling as it's fairly wide and has been hard-surfaced all the way into the City.
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Beautiful Aylestone Pack Horse Bridge - south Leicester, England.
Aylestone Pack
Horse Bridge
Leicester Canal Section - Pack Horse Bridge no 105
Canal version of a Pack Horse Bridge
Leicester Section - The narrow Packhorse Bridge at Aylestone
Aylestone Pack
Horse Bridge
Packhorse Bridge 105, Leicester Canal in England.
Packhorse Bridge 105

The Leicester Section and Pack Horse Bridges - Aylestone.

Aylestone boasts a really beautiful example of a canal pack horse bridge - it can easily be seen and walked over from canal bridge 105 which also bears the same name i.e. Packhorse Bridge no:105. Aylestone's packhorse bridge (numbered Leicester County no:10) was thought to have been built in the 15th Century and creates a dry route across boggy ground and the River Soar - there are eleven small stone and granite arches in all.
Just a little further along towards Leicester you reach St Mary's Mill Lock and also St Mary's Mill itself - the mill is still in quite intact condition and has really beautiful brickwork. Continue along just a little further and the Leicester canal passes under some excellent arches which belong to Twelve Arches Railway Bridge.
Yet another view of the lovely Aylestone Packhorse Bridge, Leicester Canal, England.
Packhorse Bridge
Side Bridge from the canal to the River Soar, Leicester Canal, England.
side bridge
Railway Bridge 105c goes over the Leicester Canal.
Railway Bridge 105c
Leicester Canal Section and Railway bridge 105c
Railway bridge 105c
The Leicester Canal towpath at Freestone Bridge
Freestone Bridge
Freestone Bridge no106 crosses the Leicester Canal.
Freestone Bridge no 106
Leicester Canal Section being crossed by Freestone Bridge 106
Freestone Bridge 106
Leicester Canal Section and Parson's Bridge 107
Parson's Bridge 107
Parson's Canal Bridge no107 crosses The Leicester Canal, England.
Parson's Bridge no107
Aylestone Mill Lock 39, Leicester Canal.
Aylestone Mill
Lock 39
View inside Aylestone Mill Lock, Leicester Canal, England.
Aylestone Mill Lock
Aylestone Mill Bridge no108 - Leicester Canal.
Aylestone Mill
Bridge 108
Aylestone Mill Bridge crosses The Leicester Canal.
Aylestone Mill Bridge
Canal Pipebridges near Pebble Beach - south Leicester
Pipe bridges
Leicester Section and Pebble Beach Canal Pipebridges
Pebble Beach
Pipe bridges
Leicester Canal Section Towpath bridge near St Mary's Mill
Towpath bridge
St Mary's Mill
St Mary's Mill Lock - 40, Leicester Canal.
St Mary's Mill
Lock 40
Excellent brickwork belonging to St Mary's Mill on The Leicester Canal
St Mary's Mill
Leicester Canal Lockgates at St Marys Mill Lock
Lock Gates St Mary's Mill
Leicester Section canal side bridge no 108c
Side Bridge 108c
Leicester Canal being crossed by Twelve Arches Railway Bridge - Bridge 108d.
Twelve Arches
Railway Bridge
Twelve Arches Railway Bridge over The Leicester Canal, England.
Twelve Arches Railway bridge
Leicester Canal and Freeman's Meadow Lock 41
Freeman's Meadow Lock 41
Freeman's Meadow Lock no 41 - The Leicester Canal in England.
Freeman's Meadow Lock
view into Freeman's Meadow Lock, Leicester Canal.
Freeman's Meadow Lock
Leicester Canal sidebridge
side bridge
Excellent side bridge between the canal and River Soar at Leicester, Leicester Canal, England.
canal and River Soar
Leicester Canal in Leicester City - sidebridge
Leicester Canal
side bridge
Leicester Canal Section being crossed by Walnut Bridge no 109
Walnut Bridge 109
Walnut Bridge going over the Leicester Canal
Walnut Bridge
Swan Bridge 109a over The Leicester Canal, England.
Swan Bridge 109a
Leicester Canal and Swan Bridge no 109a
Swan Bridge
Mill Lane Bridge 110 in Leicester.
Mill Lane Bridge
Mill Lane Bridge crossing The Leicester Canal in England.
Mill Lane Bridge 110
Leicester Canal being crossed by Newarke Road Bridge 111
Newarke Road Bridge 111
Newarke Road Bridge goes over the Leicester Canal
Newarke Road Bridge
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