The Leicester Canal Section as it approaches Leicester.

This section of the Leicester Canal has lots of interesting Bridges, Locks and Weirs to look at whilst walking along the towpath.

As the canal gradually wobbles and meanders along towards the outskirts of City it passes through lovely countryside and is nice and peacefull for walking and cycling. Sometimes it's grassy but quite often it has been levelled and gravelled so also generally comfortable for anyone wanting to cycle it. However there are one or two very minor collapses to watch for if cycling but it's too bad unless there has been recent heavy rain. By the time Kings Lock is reached the towpath is in good condition irrespective of the weather and stays that way into Leicester City.
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Leicester Canal Section and Pywell's Lock 21
Pywell's Lock 21
Pywell's Lock, The Leicester Canal in England.
Pywell's Lock 21
Leicester Canal Syphon at Pywell.
Pywell Syphon
Nice brickwork at a sluice on the Leicester Canal
Pywell Syphon
A Canal syphon near Pywell
Pywell Syphon
Glen Aqueduct, The Leicester Canal, England.
Glen Aqueduct
Leicester Canal - Crane's Lock 22
Crane's Lock 22
Crane's Lock 22 and The Leicester Canal, England.
Crane's Lock 22

From Crane's Bridge there is a nice path which slightly dog-legs as it crosses several fields and then heads almost directly back into Fleckney - it takes around 30 minutes to walk. At Fleckney there is a small supermarket and several nice pubs which might be of interest if laying up at Crane's Lock whilst on a boating holiday. The standard of brickwork used for the canal's bridges, sluices, canal locks and aqueducts when the canals were constructed is excellent - for instance by the aqueduct shown below if you scramble down from the towpath and you can see some nice brickwork where the canal crosses a stream and the associated brickwork.

Leicester Canal bridges - Crane's Bridge 76
Crane's Bridge 76
Crane's Bridge 76 over The Leicester Canal, England.
Crane's Bridge 76
Leicester Canal Section Aqueduct near Bowden
Canal Aqueduct
Stream with the Leicester Canal crossing above on its Aqueduct
Scramble down
Leicester Canal Aqueduct
Canal Aqueduct
Bowden Roadbridge 77, Leicester Canal, England.
Bowden Road bridge
Leicester Canal being crossed by Bowden Roadbridge 77
Leicester Canal and Ivy Bridge 78
Ivy Bridge 78
Ivy Bridge 78 crosses The Leicester Canal, England.
Ivy Bridge
Leicester Section - High Bridge 79 goes over the canal.
High Bridge 79
High Bridge no.79 crosses The Leicester Canal, England.
High Bridge
Leicester Canal and Newton Bridge no:80
Newton Bridge 80
Newton Bridge crosses The Leicester Canal in England.
Newton Bridge
Newton Top Lock 23 - Leicester Canal.
Top Lock 23
Lockgates at Newton Top Lock, Leicester Canal, England.
Newton Top Lock
Spinney Lock 24 on The Leicester Canal.
Spinney Lock 24
Spinney Lock Gates, The Leicester Canal, England.
Spinney Lock Gates
Spinney Lock 24, The Leicester Canal Section.
Spinney Lock 24
Wain Bridge no:81 over The Leicester Canal.
Wain Bridge no:81
A pipebridge adjacent to Wain Bridge, Leicester Canal
pipe bridge
Leicester Canal Locks - Top Half Mile Lock 25
Top Half Mile Lock 25
Top Half Mile Lock, Leicester Canal in England.
Top Half Mile Lock
Top Half Mile Lockgates, The Leicester Canal.
Top Half Mile Lock Gates
Bottom Half Mile Lock Gates, Leicester Canal in England.
Bottom Half Mile Lock Gates
Turnover Lock 27 - Leicester Canal
Turnover Lock 27
Leicester Canal Section and Turnover Lock 27.
Turnover Lock 27
Leicester Canal and Turnover Bridge 82
Turnover Bridge 82
Turnover Bridge 82 over the Leicester Canal.
Turnover Bridge
Tythorn Lockgates, Leicester Canal, England.
Tythorn Lock Gates
Tythorn Lock 28 on The Leicester Canal.
Tythorn Lock 28
Bumble Bee Lock 29 on the Leicester Canal Section
Bumble Bee Lock 29
Leicester Canal and Bumble Bee Lock no:29
Bumble Bee Lock
Leicester Canal and Tythorn Bridge no 84
Tythorn Bridge no 84
Tythorn Bridge crossing The Leicester Canal, England.
Tythorn Bridge
Leicester Canal's Clifton Bridge
Clifton Bridge 85 goes over The Leicester Canal.
Clifton Bridge 85
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