Following The River Lee - Rye House Gatehouse to the end of The Lee Navigation at Hertford.

This final section about the the River Lee includes Ware Town and parts of the New River.

Rye House Gatehouse.

Just a short distance from the Weir the Lee Navigation passes the remains of Sir Andrew Ogard's Rye House Gatehouse. This Grade 1 listed building was built around 1443 and is one of the first brick-built buildings in England. The manor house is famous for the Rye House Plot of 1683 - a conspiracy to assassinate King Charles II and his brother the Duke of York.
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Pipebridge and Bridge 58, Lee Navigation
Bridge 58 +
Lee Navigation: Rye House Gatehouse
Rye House Gatehouse
Rye House Gatehouse, close to The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
House Gatehouse
Rye House Gatehouse gargoyle
Gatehouse gargoyle
Area around Rye House Gatehouse by the Lee Navigation
Rye Gatehouse
a414 roadbridge no59, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
a414 Roadbridge 59
Lee Navigation and Stanstead Abbot sidearm
Stanstead Abbot
Lee Navigation - Stanstead Abbots
Stanstead Abbots area
Bridge 59a, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Bridge 59a
Stanstead Lock 4 and bridge on the Lee Navigation
Stanstead Lock
and footbridge
Stanstead Lock 4 and swingbridge 60b, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Stanstead Lock
swingbridge 60b
Lee Navigation and it's footbridge no61
Footbridge 61
Lee Navigation: Footbridge 62
Footbridge 61
Footbridge 63, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Footbridge 63
Hardmead Lock no23, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Hardmead Lock 23
Footbridge 64, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
Footbridge 64
River Lee Weirs by footbridge 64
Lee Navigation Weirs
Ware Town Bridge no65, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
Ware Town Bridge 65
Another River Lee footbridge
Footbridge 66
Lee Navigation being crossed by Ware Town footbridge.
Ware Town
The Church of St Mary the Virgin at Ware Town, England
St Marys Church,
St Mary the Virgin's Church at Ware Town which is near The Lee Navigation
St Mary the Virgin, Ware
Lee Navigation, Ware Town footbridge
Ware Town Footbridge
River Lee Navigation: Ware Lock footbridge
Ware Lock footbridge
Ware Lock no2 - Lee Navigation
Ware Lock 2
Lee Navigation and Bridge no.68
Bridge 68
Ware Weir Bridge - Lee Navigation
Ware Weir Bridge
Ware Weir Bridge, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
Ware Weir Bridge

The Lee Navigation and The New River - Southern England.

The 20 mile long New River was designed to provide London with drinking water which it mostly took from The River Lee but also from various springs - New River was opened in 1613. New River starts just over a mile away from Hertford at New Gauge Intake House and initially goes at right angles away from The Lee Navigation crossing Meads Nature Reserve and then turns sharp left and follows the contours (and the railway line for a while) as it sets off via Ware, Stanstead Abbots and Broxbourne before eventually ending up at Stoke Newington.
There is generally a good path alongside New River and several nice circular walks are possible particularly between Hertford and Broxbourne by using both The Lee Navigation and New River.
Lee Navigation: Bridge 68a
Bridge 68a
Bridge 68b, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
Bridge 68b
The River Lee Navigation - New Gauge Intake House
New Gauge
Intake House
New Gauge Intake House, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
New Gauge
Intake House

Built in 1856 to control the water flow allowed into New River,

New Gauge Intake House

is a really beautiful building and there are also several pump houses and so on to be seen along this part of the route. Lots of ducks, swans, coots, moorhen etc. live on New River so if going for a walk don't forget to take them some bread. One other inhabitant of interest particularly on the stretch between the start and Ware are the quite large crayfish living in the river and there are often quite a few people with their bits of spam tied to string trying to get them.
Small New River Pump House - England
New River Pumphouse
Small bridge over the New River near Ware
A New River
Reflections of New River, England
New River
Various water control items along New River
Workings on New River
Large really nice pump house on New Riiver, England
New River Pumphouse
View along New River - close to the Lee Navigation in Southern England
A New River
New River Bridge - England
New River
Bridge 69 - The Lee Navigation
Foot Bridge 69
Lee Navigation: Hertford Deep Lock no1
Deep Lock 1.
Lee Navigation: Bridge 70
Lee Navigation
Bridge 71, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
Bridge 71
Lee Navigation: Park sidebridge
park sidebridge
Lee Navigation: sidebridge and weir at Hertford
Sidebridge and Weir
Pipe Bridge - Lee Navigation at Hertford
Pipe Bridge
Folly Bridge no74, The River Lee Navigation - Southern England.
Folly Bridge
One end of the River Lee Navigation at Hertford, England.
End of the Lee Nav
Hertford Castle - Postern GateHertford Castle in Southern England.Narrowboats over 40 feet long need to do their winding above Folly Bridge by the Basin - under 40 footers need to turn just before Mill Bridge and much smaller craft can turn at Mill Bridge. Hertford Castle (Norman) no longer hardly exists - the Gatehouse is sort of known as Hertford Castle these days and is used by the Town Council for offices. There are however some parts of the old castle walls as well as a nice Castle Gate still to be seen in the grounds (which are mostly grassed but do have some flower beds) and also a few bench seats to use.

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