Along The River Lee in England - a towpath walk beside the Lee River in the Enfield area.

The River passes several huge reservoirs and goes past Enfield Dock, Ramney Marsh, Waltham, Dobbs Weir before arriving at Feilde Lock.

Whilst walking by the reservoirs you get a tantalising fairly distant view of some huge old brick buildings - the picture two rows down is what seems to be a reservoir pumphouse on King George Reservoir.
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Navigation Inn - originally a pumphouse, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Navigation Inn once a pumphouse
Overhanging warehouse on the River Lee Navigation, England.
Lee Navigation - Bridge 35a
Brimsdown Wharf, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Brimsdown Wharf
River Lee Navigation pipebridge at Brimsdown
at Brimsdown
King George Reservoir - huge pumphouse, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
King George Reservoir pumphouse
Footbridge 36 and pipes, Lee Navigation in England
Footbridge 36 and pipes
Lee Navigation: Bridge no.36 plus pipes
Bridge 36 plus pipes

Enfield Lock, Dock and Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory.

The huge reservoirs situated alongside the river come to an end just before reaching Enfield Lock (where a British Waterways Yard is located). Enfield is famous for it's Small Arms Factory which made swords, muskets, rifles (including the Lee Enfield rifle) and machine guns (including the Bren and Sten) for the Military from 1816 until production ended in 1988. One of the reasons for this location was the ability to move parts, materials and finished products along the adjacent River Lee Navigation. The Lee enabled boat and barge access to The River Thames as well as to factories on other waterways which produced parts including the London Small Arms Factory situated on the connecting Regents Canal at Gunmakers Wharf.
Enfield Docks area, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Enfield Docks.
Lee Navigation: Sidebridge 37 at Enfield Dock
Sidebridge 37
The River Lee Navigation - Enfield Dock
Enfield Dock
British Waterways Enfield Yard on the Lee Navigation
Enfield Yard
Bridge 37a and pipe - Lee Navigation
Bridge 37a
Enfield Lock no13, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Enfield Lock 13
Enfield Lock - River Lee Navigation
Enfield Lock
Lee Navigation river bridge
Lee river bridge
Views from the River Lee Navigation
Ramney Marsh Bridge 40, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Ramney Marsh Bridge
Ramney Marsh Lock 12, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Ramney Marsh Lock 12
Lee Navigation - Ramney Marsh
Ramney Marsh
A River Lee Navigation Swan.
Ramney Marsh swan
Waltham - sidebridge, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Waltham sidebridge
Bridge 42, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Bridge 42
Waltham Abbey Church
Waltham Abbey Church

The Lee Valley Regional Park in Southern England.

The Park stretches from near The Thames right up to Ware in Hertfordshire and really comes into it's own from Waltham Abbey - there are woodlands, marshes and lots of water for birdwatchers, for sailing and rowing and on land walking and cycling opportunities on many paths everywhere in the area - it really is a beautiful location to visit. Parking is widely available and as far as could be seen free of charge - another bonus for getting to and around the area is that the railway accompanies the Lee Navigation for nearly all of it's course - and the trains are frequent even on Sundays so train ride and then walk back days-out are easily possible.

A little about Waltham Abbey.

Dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1540 there is not a lot to be seen of Waltham Abbey itself apart from some old walls and gates, however Waltham Abbey Church (Holy Cross and St. Lawrence) which was erected in the 12th century has various materials from the original Abbey - for instance the tower built in 1556. The grounds are easily reached by leaving the Lee by footbridge 45 near Waltham Town Lock and along the high street - the Abbey's grounds are fairly extensive and pleasant for a stroll. Waltham Abbey is also the location of the

Royal Gunpowder Mills at Waltham

which are open from the last weekend in April to the end of September (this is their 2013 published times - check their website). The location has been producing gunpowder since at least the 17th century and was finally closed in 1991.
Waltham Lock - bridge no43, The River Lee Navigation, Southern England.
Waltham Lock bridge 43
Waltham Town Lock no11, The River Lee Navigation, England.
Waltham Town Lock 11
Lee Navigation and Bridge 44
Bridge 44
Lee Navigation sidebridge
Lock footbridge on The River Lee Navigation, England.
Lock footbridge
The River Lee Navigation and Waltham Common Lock 10.
Waltham Common Lock 10
Friday Lake alongside the River Lee Navigation
Friday Lake
Bridge no 46 on the Lee Navigation
Bridge 46
Cheshunt Lock no.9, The River Lee Navigation, England.
Cheshunt Lock
Fishers Green Footbridge (47a), The River Lee Navigation, England.
Fishers Green Footbridge
Site of a dismantled railway bridge over the Lea Navigation
Site of ex-railway bridge
Footbridge at Aqueduct Lock, The River Lee Navigation, England.
Lee Navigation: Aqueduct Lock.8
Aqueduct Lock8
Aqueduct Bridge on the River Lee Navigation
Aqueduct bridge
Lee Navigation and Aqueduct Bridge
Aqueduct Bridge
Bridge 49 - Lee Navigation
Bridge 49
Side arm bridge and another, The River Lee Navigation, England.
Side arm bridges
Lee Navigation Pipes and sidearm
Pipes and sidearm
Lee Navigation and Crown Bridge.
Crown Bridge
Lee Valley Boat Centre at Broxbourne, The River Lee Navigation, England.
Lee Valley Boat Centre
New Nazeing Roadbridge no. 52, The River Lee Navigation, England.
New Nazeing bridge
River Lee Navigation - Carthagena Lock no7
Carthagena Lock7
Dobbs Weir side arm, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Dobbs Weir side arm
Lee Navigation, Bridge 54
Bridge 54
Dobbs Weir Lock no6, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Dobbs Weir Lock6
Dobbs Weir Bridge no55, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Dobbs Weir Bridge55
Dobbs Weir, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Dobb's Weir
Dobbs Weir
Dobbs Weir

The Lee River in Southern England and Dobb's Weir.

The area around Dobb's Weir is particularly favoured by fishermen - bream, perch, roach, barbel and carp are caught from time to time and in 2003 a record size chub was caught there. A large old public house is right on top of the weir and there is a reasonable amount of parking available in the car park oppposite the pub. Less than a mile from Dobb's Weir the Lee Navigation meets the River Stort Navigation at Feilde's Weir - The Stort is another river navigation and creates a navigable 22km route to Bishops Stortford.
Lee Navigation: area around Dobb's Weir
Dobbs Weir area
Dobbs Weir Bridge no55a, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Dobbs Weir Bridge 55a
Lee Navigation: Bridge 55b
Bridge 55b
Bridge 56 - River Lee Navigation
Bridge 56
Lee Navigation and Feilde Lock sluice
Feilde Lock sluices
Feildes Lock 5 - Lee Navigation
Feildes Lock5
River Lee Navigation - Railway Bridge 57
Railway Bridge57
Bridge no58, The River Lee Navigation in Southern England.
Bridge 58

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