The Paddington Canal Arm London - Towpath Walks and Photos.

Walking, cycling and using the Paddington Arm from the start in West London as far as Kensal Green - photos of Paddington Canal Arm Bridges and other canal features.

Reflections at Porta Bella Docks, Paddington Canal Arm, London. The 13.5 mile long Paddington Canal Arm of the Grand Union Canal starts it's journey just a short distance from Paddington Railway Station in West London. Finding the canal is quite simple - from the station's main entrance turn left and very shortly turn left down London Road and walk alongside the station's main building. After a few 100 metres turn right into South Wharf Road and almost immediately go left via a road barrier to walk straight on down to the Paddington Arm towpath. Turn right along the towpath to get to Paddington Basin which again is only a few 100 metres along - or go left along the towpath to reach the Regents Canal Junction and Little Venice and then eventually on to the Paddington Arm's end at Bull's Bridge some 13 miles away.
Turtle spotted along the Paddington Canal Arm, London Following the Paddington Arm and then Regent's Canal enables a connection with two river navigations - The River Lee and some way along this links with the River Stort - both are really good for both walking and cycling along as their towpaths are mostly in excellent condition.

Walking and cycling the Paddington Arm's towpath.

This is an extremely popular activity and quite straightforward - just after Paddington Basin the towpath is always on the left hand side of the canal, is generally quite wide and is well surfaced. Only as you get nearer to the far end of the canal arm approaching Bull's Bridge does the towpath surface revert to a grassy path and the towpath narrows considerably. There are quite a few seats provided for use as a "sit and watch the world go by" or for a lunch break located for several miles along the route.
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Paddington Canal Arm Basin, London.
Paddington Basin
Helix Bridge at the Paddington Basin, West London
Helix Bridge
Helix Bridge - at the end of the Paddington Arm, London.
Helix Bridge
Paddington Arm footbridge near the beginning of the Arm by Paddington Basin
Foot bridge
Another of Paddington Basin's footbridges, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
foot bridge
Views near Paddington Basin, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Office footbridge near the end of the Paddington Arm
Foot bridges
Bishop's Bridge 1, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Bishops Bridge 1
Two Paddington Arm bridges, one road one pedestrian - 2a
Westway bridges
Two British Waterways tug boats - England.
canal tugs
Bridge 2, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Bridge 2
The Paddington Arm - Bridge 2
Bridge no.2
Regents Canal joins up with the Paddington Arm in London.
Regents Canal + Paddington Arm
Regents Canal Bridge 1 seen from the Paddington Arm's towpath
Regents Canal Bridge1
Little Venice Bridge 3c - Paddington Arm in England
Little Venice Bridge
The Paddington Arm and Little Venice Bridge in London, England.
Little Venice Bridge 3c
Possible site of a gauge stop - Little Venice Bridge, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
gauge stop
Little Venice - Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Little Venice
Ha'fpenny Bridge 3b, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Halfpenny Bridge
Paddington Canal Arm and Halfpenny Bridge in England.
Ha'fpenny Bridge
The photo just above shows the probable location of an old gauging stop lock where commercial barges were weighed for size and cargo and paid tolls accordingly. Some of the Paddington Canal Arm's bridges have really interesting names - for instance Ha'fpenny Bridge (was this because once there was a halfpenny toll levied here for either crossing it or possibly it was where another gauging stop was located?). Then there is Ballot Box Bridge and Scrubs Lane but sadly most of the original old brick bridges have long gone and have been replaced by ugly and out of character concrete messes. Still at least Manor Farm Bridge has so far survived the local authority's destructive attention.
Pipe Bridge 3a - Paddington Arm
Pipe Bridge 3a
Pipebridge 3a over The Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Pipe Bridge 3a
Harrow Road Bridge 3, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Harrow Road Bridge
Harrow Road Bridge crossing The Paddington Arm in England.
Harrow Road Bridge 3
The huge concrete curves of the overhanging Westway Road, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Westway Road
Bridge 4c over The Paddington Arm in England
Bridge 4c
Bridge 4c, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Bridge 4c
Bridge 4b over the Paddington Arm
Bridge 4b
Bridge 4ab crosses The Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Bridge 4ab
Bridge 4ab - Paddington Canal, London.
Bridge 4a+b
Kensal Green Bridge no4, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Kensal Green Bridge 4
Kensal Green Bridge - The Paddington Arm in England.
Kensal Green Bridge
 Side Bridge, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Side Bridge
looking back at Kensal Green's gasworks, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Scrubs Lane Bridge 6, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Scrubs Lane Bridge 6
Excellent girder bridge carrying railway lines into Old Oak Common, Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Girder Railway Bridge
Scrubs Lane Bridge - The Paddington Arm in England.
Scrubs Lane Bridge
Railway Bridge 7d, The Paddington Canal Arm, London.
railway bridge 7d
Railway Bridge 7d (BR number 36), Paddington Canal Arm, London.
Railway Bridge7d
several old warehouse/factory buildings alongside the Paddington Arm in London.
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